Trivia Crack, Doctor Who and Coffee

I have found a new addiction, Trivia Crack.

There is something so gratifying about thinking you are intelligent!  And also very depressing to realize you know so little about geography and history, but you know Doctor Who is the longest running Sci-Fi show on TV…….no shame in that though Doctor Who nerd to the core!

But there will be future posts about my nerdy nature.  Fortunately I have a couple friends who also appear to be addicted and we are enabling each other with multiple games at the same time, love my friends!

I actually feel like Trivia Crack is like taking a class and it makes me realize I miss learning and I need to do something about that. I have been contemplating getting my personal training certification or a life coach certification, because I have no idea what I would go back to school for and get a masters in.  Does coffeeology exist?  I would study that.

Happy Friday folks, I am off to be a productive member of society!

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