Recently, I would say in the past couple years my eyebrows have been getting a lot of attention.  I would say a bit more attention than they deserve.  Males, females, make-up artists, hairstylists, you name it I get comments on how nice my eyebrows are.

I am not saying I don’t appreciate the comment but I would never think to compliment someone on their eyebrows.  Pretty much the only thing that is full-figured on me is my brows.  They wouldn’t connect if I didn’t pluck them, but there would be a sparse array of hairs that if you were playing the lava game you would have a good chance of making it to the other brow if you tried.

I started plucking my eyebrows in 8th-9th grade.  At first I had a sweet rounded look, that thankfully I reconciled later for a more uneven natural look.  I guess I am thankful I never tried to over pluck, but to be honest it was really just because I was too lazy.  I frequently forget to pluck for weeks and then one day look in the mirror and think “Wow, so I’ve been walking around like this, OK”.  It’s just not a primary focus for me, I like to keep myself from looking like a Russian spy but I’m sure not going to make sure they are perfect every day.

I got these gems from a friend who told me I should open up an Instagram account dedicated to my eyebrows:

#browesdeezbrows #browenvy #CBrows #thickisbetterthanthin

I was impressed the only one I could think of was #ilikebigbrows(and I cannot lie)

I had no reason for this post other than being befuddled as to why people seem to be so enamored with my eyebrows.  I am sorry to have wasted the last 2-5 minutes of your life.  Here is a funny meme:


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